The AeonDrops Project

The AeonDrops project is about the return to a more traditional cultivation in order to produce a completely natural product.

As an idea, it was conceived in 2013 when our family olive groves came into our possession (wider area of Olympia, Greece).

– What does a completely natural product taste like?
– Can we produce a product that is close enough to that of our ancestors?

These were the primary questions that we asked ourselves.
Freed from the outdated concepts of olive growing, we started literally from “scratch”. Our first task was to restore the lands from the consequences of improper cultivation practices of previous years, ie by discarding them from excessive and unnecessary lubrication.
Through soil analyzes, we “learned” our soils and understood how to behave so as to fully restore them. We adopted fully natural lubrication,ie pruning residues in soil.
By avoiding the use of chemical products, we aim to increase the organic matter so as to bring our soils “back to life”.

We named our cultivation “natural” because even in the organic cultivation there is a use of approved chemicals.

Unfortunately others do not share the same ideas as we do, meaning that we have to deal with residues of standard cultivation in our area. The main thing is that we let nature decide the outcome of our effort each year. We do not force her. This results in a lower yet better in quality production.

The ancient Greeks believed that the olive tree was a gift to humanity by the goddess Athena.
Such a divine gift can only produce divine products. Late researches confirm that olive oil consumption benefits our health. Hippocrates called it “IAMA” which means CURE!
Homer called it “the liquid gold“. In Greece there are olive trees aged over 4000 years. They lived through AEONS (AIΩΝ in Greek).

AeonDrops is the product of these eternal beings! Tasting AeonDrops you taste ETERNITY!!!

The AeonDrops team.