Good fate has led us -two students of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Athens- to make a life-altering decision and move to the Peloponnese Greece area. Our motive? To take over our family olive groves!”

Here we had the opportunity to practice and evolve what we have learned. Equipped with knowledge, energy and fresh ideas, we tried to create the best olive oil for our families! We tried to create a product which would be nature’s choice. So we stopped interfering in its work.

Apart from pruning and embodying the pruning residues back to the ground (as organic fertilizer), nature takes over the rest! Of course this results in a reduced quantity yet higher quality production. What experience has shown is that apart from the fine treatment –in organic agriculture-  weather is the key factor of a “good” or a “bad” season for an olive grove! We named our olive oil AEON DROPS.

AEON derives from the Greek word “αιών” meaning century, eternal along with health and youth. This is because such is the olive oil we want our families to “drink”.

Things happened very quickly. A year ago we believed that having a ready product is something for the distant future.

Good fate luck and hard work has lead us here! Whenever you open an AEON DROPS bottle of olive oil, you can be sure that you will taste the same olive oil that we and our families do!

Thank you for your support

please contact us: contact@aeondrops.com