Olive oil as it should be


Our olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil, produced in Olympia in the Peloponnese. It is produced in the most appropriate way to keep all the elements (organoleptic properties) that make olive oil so important to our health. Equipped with knowledge, both theoretical (olive Seminars at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences prof. Ev.Filias, Rural Marketing Seminars) and practical, but mainly with love for what we do, we deliver a quality and sophisticated product at all stages of its production.


Freed from the outdated concepts of olive growing, we started literally from “scratch”. Our first task was to restore the lands from the consequences of improper cultivation practices of previous years, ie by discarding them from excessive and unnecessary lubrication. Through soil analyzes, we “learned” our soils and understood how to behave so as to fully restore them. We adopted the organic lubrication ie pruning residues in soil. By avoiding the use of chemical products, we are trying to increase the organic matter so as to bring our soils “back to life”.


Through continuous experimentation, we are trying to optimize the ways to combat pests and diseases of the Olive tree, without harming beneficial organisms. All this is done with natural -non chemical- methods. The results of our experiments are the innovations we introduce on our olive tree cultivation. For example, we created more than ten different types of traps for the Dakus insect, of which we chose and use the most efficient. Apart from the type of trap, we innovate in the way they are placed in the fields (of course both are products of intellectual property). We study, tamper, evolve, innovate in our quest for a high quality – and above all- natural product.

HARVEST – oil extraction

Harvesting is done at the appropriate time, ie when the fruit has reached the ripening point required for the production of high quality olive oil. During harvest, special attention is paid to avoid injury to the fruit and oil extraction is done immediately to eliminate the possibility of acidification due to exposure to the environment.
We have reduced the malaxing time and the temperature so that the product retains all its organoleptic properties.


The packaging of the olive oil takes place immediately so as to limit contact of the content with the environment, which causes oxidation and deterioration. So when it arrives in your hands, it will be in the best condition.

Quality is our first and main concern. However, the one who will eventually judge us is you!

It’s a challenge we gladly accept!